Why Emotion Matters in the CX Journey

Establishing an emotional connection with your customers is important to establish loyalty, drive more revenue and increase customer lifetime value for your business. How you capture emotion can vary from post-transaction surveys, to requesting reviews of their experience to identify positive or negative sentiment, to customer service follow-up calls.

A recent Forbes article highlights three reasons why emotion could be the most important CX indicator.

  1. Uncover motivational indicators. Emotion’s change based on the experience, feelings, and mood of your customer. One day they love your brand, the next they may feel disappointed with a recent purchase experience. Capturing and analyzing emotions can help indicate areas of improvement for your front-line employees to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.
  2. Offer content-aware analysis. Context matters when interpreting customer emotions. A positive sentiment may be misinterpreted because the content mentions great experience, but the customer was being sarcastic. To get a holistic picture you need to measure not only the content that is shared, but also the tone of voice, speech tempo and volume.
  3. Deliver enterprise-wide insights. Localized emotional CX assessment can help a single store or location. The power really comes when you can scale the emotional journey insights enterprise wide to really make an impact across your entire customer base. Scaling takes resources, expert analysis, and tools to make the data actionable.

That’s where IntelliShop can help your business through AI-powered customer experience assessments. Using proven methodology, we can bring the emotional CX journey to life for your business to understand the perception of your brand and how it influences customer experience and the customer journey. Contact us today to learn more.


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