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Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

HDSS data is thorough enough to provide permittees with all the data necessary for long-term compliance with government permitting requirements. HDSS data and video supports compliance with a variety of government regulations, including NPDES (see MS4 Stormwater Mapping), CWA 404 permits, FERC relicensing, SAV permits, T&E species and others.

Predictive Modeling

HDSS enables modeling that maintains healthy watersheds. HDSS information will improve the accuracy of habitat modeling.


HDSS takes the guesswork out of mitigation planning. An HDSS Stream Survey will quickly identify and rank your bank erosion problems. High Definition Stream Survey techniques enable measurable results.

Watershed Planning

HDSS involves the continuous collection of geo-referenced video and data throughout a stream corridor. It provides assessment coverage and detail at a level that can answer key prioritization questions.

Specialty Services

HDFS methods are a faster and lower impact option for T&E and recreational fish studies. Trutta is experienced in collecting high-quality cross-sectional transect and bathymetric data over long stretches of water of all sizes. A High Definition Stream Survey will collect water quality data over an entire stream corridor.

The Mighty Oak Pathway

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