Ryan Hoelper

Sr Director Business Development, ORM

Role & Contributions

Ryan is responsible for online review management lead generation through targeted prospecting, networking, and outreach efforts, utilizing various channels to identify potential clients and opportunities. Ryan monitors industry trends, competitor activities, and market dynamics, to provide insights and recommendations to senior management to inform strategic decision-making and business planning. Ryan builds and maintains long-lasting professional relationships that directly contribute to the overall profitability and success of IntelliShop.

Experience & Background

My career experience began in sales with Wells Fargo where I was a licensed banker and kicked off my journey in sales. I quickly realized corporate life was not for me, but I enjoyed sales, so I dove into a local marketing company and fell in love with working with businesses that still had their soul and passion propelling their growth. For the past several years I have been in the SEO / Reputation Management field. It’s a wonderfully diverse and ever-expanding compilation of services. My industry knowledge is from hands on experience, daily conversations with clients and their thousands of clients and unique situations. I am very excited to bring that experience to IntelliShop.

What I Love

I really love spending time learning new things and expressing that knowledge in some capacity. I was always passionate about carpentry and have hands-on knowledge and experience and extensive tool collection as well. Recently, I have been renovating my home and have done so much more work than I ever thought I’d be doing. I know there is always another project, but learning how to approach a job and doing it all myself is enjoyable. For the record, I have only been electrocuted a couple dozen times and still have all my fingers and none of the pipes are leaking so I feel confident so far. Also, the standard “Loves,” my wife, Alyce, my best friend Wilson (Jack Russell Terrier) and our four cats.

Favorite Music

I truly enjoy a wide array of music. I think artists I have consistently loved are Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR), Rancid, and Wu Tang Clan.

Personal Mantra

“Measure once, cut twice.” Yes, I know it’s “supposed” to be the other way around but we’re all human and we need to remember that mistakes do happen, even with the most intelligent minds and the best safeguards.”

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