Rehabilitation Scoring: A Step Toward Optimizing Stormwater Best Management Practices 

Stormwater managers spend significant time selecting and implementing BMPs to address problems in their receiving streams. But they might not have the necessary information to optimize the BMP mix for their particular issues. This could end up costing them more in the long run because resources are not being dedicated to implement the most impactful BMPs in the right locations.    

Imagine if an assessment of MS4 receiving streams also produced the relative cost per meter of alternative BMPs for key problems in an MS4 system, and measured the potential functional uplift of those BMPs. Using such information properly could quickly optimize the BMP mix for an MS4. Such data would:

  • Enable more informed decisions about what, how and when issues should be fixed;
  • Easily demonstrate the proactive nature of an MS4 program;
  • Prove that an MS4 program is improving MS4 water quality..  

As described in our website video, Trutta Environmental Solutions developed the High Definition Stream Survey (HDSS) process to provide stormwater managers with this information. Knowing your receiving waters is fundamental to an entire MS4 program because it results in more measurable, fact-based and cost efficient stormwater management plans. Knowing exactly what and where stream problems are, the relative costs to resolve them and the potential uplift ensures that scarce resources are invested more wisely.   

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