Michael Sternberg


Role & Contributions

As Controller of IntelliShop, Michael is responsible for budgeting, financial forecasts and all financial reporting of the company. He oversees the HR functions at IntelliShop and ensures IntelliShop is compliant with all insurance and labor laws.

Experience & Background

Michael’s professional experience includes 8 years in public accounting where he focused in federal, state and local tax prep for businesses and individuals from various industries. In 2016, Michael decided to make a change to the corporate world and had the opportunity to become the Controller of a construction company. After two years at the construction company, the opportunity with IntelliShop was presented to him and after two years at IntelliShop, he looks forward to many more helping IntelliShop to become even more successful.

What I Love

Spending time with my family, golfing and hunting.

Favorite Music

I love all types of music: Garth Brooks, Nickleback, Phil Collins

Personal Mantra

“Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better. –Walt Disney”

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