Melinda Marinelli

Client Services Coordinator

Role & Contributions

As Client Services Coordinator, Melinda follows a project from initial concept to successful completion. Her primary role is to help create a program with clear direction, while still meeting the needs of our clients.

Experience & Background

Melinda has degrees in both business and design and has found the perfect role to blend them together. Most of her professional life she’s been in some type of financial or administrative role, which she’s always enjoyed. In her current role at IntelliShop, though, she is able to use the structured aspects from her previous experience and combine it with the opportunity to explore more of the creative side in anticipating clients’ needs and trying to get ahead of those in designing their programs.

What I Love

Current hobbies include reading, photography, and spending time with my two very active kittens. Baking and cleaning are high on that list as well, especially when I need to de-stress. I’ve also become a bit of a family history junkie.

Favorite Music

I don’t know that I have a favorite. Music is one of those things that I either like or I don’t, and I do listen to most everything. Classic 80’s rock will always be comfort for me, though, since I had an older brother and that’s what I grew up listening to.

Personal Mantra

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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