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Learn how to navigate the job board, browse mystery shops near you, and apply to fulfill jobs.

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How to prepare for, confirm, and submit shops as an IntelliShop shopper.

Personal Information Use:

Your W-9 information is securely stored in accordance with IRS specifications. Authorized representatives of Sassie companies that you work for (and have connected to on JobSlinger) can access this information if they are called upon by the government to produce a W-9 from you. The databases are operated and secured by SurfMerchants LLC in Boston who has operated in the mystery shopping industry since 1998 as SASSIE and JobSlinger. SurfMerchants LLS has received IRS authorization to collect and verify (only with the individual’s explicit permission) SSN and EIN information on behalf of mystery shopping companies who are also IRS authorized.

How Does Mystery Shopping Work?

IntelliShop needs the help of people like you to give companies a fresh perspective on how they do business, with the ultimate goal of continuously improving the sales and service experience. Here’s a step-by-step list of how you can join our team of over one million mystery shoppers and start getting paid to shop!

1. Apply

Many of our clients are looking for feedback from very specific groups of people. We gather detailed information on our mystery shoppers so that we can help them tailor their customer experience to the demographics that are most important to their business.

2. Take the Test

IntelliShop is passionate about quality—it drives everything we do. We're looking for individuals who are detail-oriented, committed, and ready to get the job done. A simple, 5-minute screening test will help us understand if you're up to the challenge.

3. Download Apps

Download Shop Notifier and you can get instant access to information about mystery shopping opportunities in your area. Our shoppers also use an app called GPS Verifier to confirm the location and time of their shops. Both apps are free and available for iPhone and Android. (Optional)

4. Schedule

Keep an eye on your email and notifications from our App. Respond quickly and you'll be considered for that opportunity. Shoppers who have a good history of accurate, well-written evaluations get chosen first. If you're selected, you'll receive an email confirmation.

5. Get Ready

Our clients are specific about what they want evaluated. Once you’re matched with an opportunity, you'll be given information on the client’s requirements and our performance standards. It's critical to understand exactly what kind of tasks and feedback are required for any given shop.

6. Evaluate

You might be shopping in a store, calling a call center, or visiting a website. Here's where you conduct the evaluation, create your report, and submit it. We'll score your evaluation—the higher your rating, the more offers you'll receive in the future.

7. Get Paid

On the 20th of each month, we pay our shoppers (via PayPal™) for all opportunities completed during the previous month. If part of your mystery shopping evaluation involved purchasing actual merchandise, you will be reimbursed the cost of purchasing of those goods.

8. Repeat

If you complete your first opportunity on time to the client’s exact requirements—and submit a great, thorough, and accurate report—you’ll continue to receive opportunities from us. This includes special ones we reserve for the best, most experienced evaluators.

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