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Do you really know why customers choose your competitors and not you? You know who your competition is, but what you probably don’t know is exactly what they do better, or worse, than you, and, most importantly, you don’t know why.

Most competitive mystery shopping programs simply tell you topline customer experience data about your competition, which, while nice to know, doesn’t let you develop and employ strategies to actually beat them and win customers over to your side. Leverage proprietary methodology that provides insights on how you directly compare to your competition in key consumer categories that impact decision making and brand loyalty. Identifying the KPI’s which influence win rates allows you to focus on areas that will significantly impact the improvement of your CX and service differentiation compared to your competition.

800 Commercial Drivers Share Their Opinion

Pilot Flying J LLC, the largest operator of travel centers and travel plazas in North America, needed to gain an understanding of the customer expectations of professional commercial drivers. Before engaging, Pilot Flying J was losing market share to their competition with professional drivers. See how they turned it insights into action including:

Investment in Facilities
$ 0 M

Ideas for Customer Experience Improvement

When you see what draws people to your competition, you will learn where you can make improvements. These questions can all be answered and shown directly to you, allowing you to take what works and make it better.

A Look at the Competitions’ Customer Experience

With mystery shopping evaluators across the United States ready to go, you can see what the competition does well anywhere, anytime, straight from the customer’s perspective.

Intelligence at Your Fingertips

With a field network of over 800,000 certified mystery shopping evaluators at your disposal, we can send evaluators in to investigate, record and report back. All of this is available in real-time through our software dashboard.

Get a Plan to Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Have a real and effective plan of action created for you based on your unique needs and capabilities.

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