Job Board Basics

Finding Mystery Shops

There are several methods through which you could find and apply for our mystery shops.

Email: Allow us to email you shop offers. You can change this preference in your Profile settings.
Smartphone App: Download Shop Notifier – available on the App Store and Google Play. With this smartphone app you don’t have to wait for us to email you. You get instant access to new shops right when they become available.
Job Board: Browse for shops on our Job Board.

Mapped Job Board

On IntelliShop’s new mapped Job Board, there is no more looking up addresses and distances – it is all on the map for you!

Are you traveling and curious if there are shops at your destination, or along the way? There is no need to look up what ZIP code or city you are in – our Job Board will use your phone or browser’s location to automatically show you shops near you.

To reach our mapped Job Board, simply choose the Job Board icon at the top of your Profile or Shop Log after logging in.

Selecting a Search Area

By default, the mapped Job Board will show you shops near My Home, which is based on the address set in your Profile.

Alternatively, you can set the Job Board to show you shops Near Me. When you choose this option, your browser may prompt you to allow it access to your location. While you do not have to allow this generally, it is required if you would like to use the Near Me feature.

If you would like to browse outside your area, you can enter an address, city, or ZIP.

Selecting a Shop

Once you have defined your search, you can select shops in two ways:

1. Click on one of the red pins on the map. This will pop a short description of the shop, and a link to Apply, which will take you to a page with more details.

2. Browse the list of shops below the map. Next to a shop description, you can choose More to get more detail, or jump right to applying – which will read ApplySelf Assign!, or Self Assign! (qualified).

Classic Job Board

If you prefer to search for shops without using the map, we still offer our Classic Job Board. Follow the link to this Job Board above the map.

The Mighty Oak Pathway

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