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Brand Compliance

A compliance audit offers a thorough examination of a location’s conformity to established guidelines set by leadership or the corporate team. Unlike CX evaluations (mystery shopping), this audit is overt, with auditors making their presence known to access crucial information beyond the reach of a typical customer.

Our certified auditors are trained to focus on key aspects that influence your brand’s success and longevity. Implementing the right compliance audit program helps in:

  1. Risk Reduction: Ensuring adherence to guidelines minimizes potential risks, safeguarding your business against regulatory or operational breaches.

  2. Cost and Time Efficiency: Identifying and correcting compliance issues promptly can save significant time and resources in the long run.

  3. Enhanced Operating Standards: Regular audits help maintain high operating standards by ensuring that all practices meet the defined guidelines.

  4. Loss Prevention: By addressing compliance issues, you can reduce losses related to inefficiencies or breaches.

  5. Reputation Protection: Consistent adherence to standards maintains and enhances your business’s reputation, promoting customer trust and loyalty.

Depending on your organization’s needs, we can conduct compliance audits as a standalone solution or in conjunction with any one of our other services such as loss prevention, the voice of the customer, competitor evaluations, and CX evaluations (mystery shopping).

By combining compliance audits with these services, you gain a multifaceted view of your operational strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring comprehensive adherence to guidelines while enhancing overall performance.

Loss Prevention and Suggestive Selling Increase Sales and Decrease Shrink

A nationwide chain of more than 900 retail stores dealing in branded footwear, desired to increase sales at under performing stores.

Shrink reduction in year one
$ 0 M

Identification Compliance Auditing

Being in the business of selling alcohol and tobacco products comes with a stack of government regulations that if not precisely followed, can place your company at risk. While internal company audits can be helpful even under the strictest guidelines, human error or any hesitation to challenge the integrity of well-liked employees can result in compliance issues and potential legal consequences for the company.
This is why it’s critical to obtain a fully independent, unbiased audit from an expert team who can implement a robust compliance audit to mitigate these risks.
Our brand protection auditors have experience conducting regulatory audits across multiple verticals, including age verification shops at bars, restaurants, retail chains, and convenience stores. For age-restricted shops, we leverage motivated twenty-somethings who are building careers in law enforcement, regulatory affairs, loss prevention, or compliance.
After completing our internal certification process, we familiarize our team with your brand-specific goals and objectives to ensure your satisfaction. They’ll bring you an objective approach with only factual information so you can make corrections where necessary and protect your business from legal ramifications that come from selling to underage buyers.

ID Compliance Protects Your Business

The tobacco Retailer Violation Rate (RVR) has held steady at an average of 9.8% year after year since 2006 which indicates the problem isn’t going away. The effective compliance programs that our audit team offers work to increase the perception among your store employees that they can be caught, deterring them from unethical behavior and protecting your company from potential legal action.

Tobacco & Vape Shops Fail to Check ID
0 %
Attempts by Underage People Are Successful
44- 44 %

Franchise Compliance & Royalty Assurance

At IntelliShop, we ensure that franchisees comply with their agreements, verifying the accuracy of their sales reports and other financial statements. Our independent audits are conducted regularly to maintain objectivity, consistency, and fairness. To address compliance and financial accuracy, we offer the following services:
  1. Royalty Auditing: Ensures accurate calculation and payment of royalties by franchisees, verifying that all financial obligations are met.
  2. Proactive Royalty Assurance Programs: Ongoing programs designed to continuously monitor and ensure royalty compliance, preventing discrepancies before they arise.
  3. Brand Standards Compliance Auditing: Regular audits to ensure franchisees adhere to brand standards, maintaining the integrity and consistency of the brand across all locations.
  4. Fraud Investigations: Identifying and investigating any fraudulent activities within the franchise network to protect the business’s financial health and reputation.
  5. Post Termination Non-Compete Covenant and De-identification Investigations: Ensuring that former franchisees comply with non-compete agreements and properly de-identify from the brand, safeguarding proprietary information and brand integrity.
  6. Integrity Mystery Shopping: Covert operations to evaluate the adherence to brand standards and operational protocols from a customer’s perspective, ensuring the integrity of franchise operations.

By leveraging our comprehensive suite of services, you can ensure that your franchisees are in full compliance with their agreements, maintain financial accuracy, and uphold the highest standards of brand integrity.

Loss Prevention Services

Our Loss Prevention and Compliance Audit team is spearheaded by industry experts, consisting of certified current and former professionals from retail and hospitality management sectors. We offer a robust suite of services designed to safeguard your business, ensure compliance, and enhance operational standards. Our key solutions are:

  • Loss Prevention Solutions and Asset Protection: Strategies and programs designed to prevent loss and protect company assets, reducing financial risk.
  • Full-Scale Shrinkage Control Assessments: Comprehensive evaluations to identify and mitigate factors contributing to inventory shrinkage.
  • Outsourced Loss Prevention Programs: Full outsourcing of loss prevention functions to ensure professional and consistent management of loss prevention strategies.
  • Theft and Fraud Investigations/Resolution Services: Specialized services to investigate and resolve incidents of theft and fraud within the organization.
  • Loss Prevention Program & Policy Development: Creation and implementation of effective loss prevention programs and policies tailored to your business needs.
  • Loss Prevention Audits: Regular audits to assess the effectiveness of loss prevention measures and identify areas for improvement.
  • Brand Standards Compliance Auditing: Ensuring all locations meet the high standards set by the brand, maintaining uniformity and excellence.
  • Integrity Shopping: Covert evaluations to ensure compliance with operational protocols and standards from a customer perspective.

Our holistic approach combines the expertise of seasoned professionals with comprehensive services and solutions, ensuring that your business not only adheres to compliance standards but also thrives through improved loss prevention and operational excellence.

Loss Prevention Operations Center Brings Easy Wins

A specialty clothing retailer co-sourced their loss prevention program. While maintaining some members of the internal LP team, a majority of departmental functions were contracted out.

Shrink reduction in year one
$ 0 M

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