IntelliShop Acquires Clients Of Shops, Training and Results, Inc.


Perrysburg, OH, January 16, 2014

IntelliShop, a leading provider of customer experience research solutions to companies, and organizations across North America, announced today that it is expanding its business serving owners and management companies in the multi-family housing industry with the client acquisition of Shops, Training And Results, Inc. (“STAR”), a subsidiary of Multifamily Ancillary Group (“MAG”).

“We have served clients in this industry for more 14 years, and are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to add value to owners and management companies in this space”, said Ron Welty, Chief Client Officer of IntelliShop. “STAR has set the bar very high for serving its clients, and we learned early in our conversations with them that we shared those same service philosophies. We will continue that tradition of exceptional service, and we’ll use our base of almost 500,000 field evaluators in North America to continue supporting them as well. For those clients seeking a more holistic approach to understanding and improving the customer experience, our additional customer research services will provide them with valuable options.”

As a leading provider of customer experience research solutions to companies in more than 30 industries in North America, IntelliShop has developed a unique approach to traditional mystery shopping, and its effect on helping clients improve their performance has been dramatic. Using its proprietary technology platform, combined with exceptional team members with deep experience in market research and customer satisfaction work, IntelliShop offers its clients a combination of location-level detail that is unmatched, along with in-depth analytics and consultation for true organizational improvement.

“IntelliShop has a great reputation in the industry, and with their extreme service philosophy, expanded service offerings, and large base of field evaluators, we are confident we have found the right home for our clients”, said Annie McClinton, Vice President of Shops, Training And Results. “Knowing they are in good hands with IntelliShop will allow us to transition our focus on our core services and continue to help multi-family property owners maximize ancillary revenue at their properties”.

About IntelliShop

IntelliShop is a leading provider of customer experience research solutions to companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations throughout North America. We serve clients in more than 30 industries, including market research firms, advertising and promotions agencies, automotive sales and service, restaurants, retail, sports teams & leagues, entertainment venues, financial institutions, consumer packaged goods, government agencies, and more. Our solutions help our clients understand and improve what happens at every touch-point with their customers, driving improved satisfaction, loyalty and financial performance. Our base of almost 500,000 field evaluators throughout North America allows us to visit any geographic location quickly, with the right person. We have many worldwide partnerships so that we may offer assistance to our clients internationally. IntelliShop combines the most innovative web-based intelligence & analytics platform with our team of highly exceptional people to provide our clients with a level of expertise and an extreme service experience that is unmatched. For more information, please visit

About Shops, Training & Results, Inc.

Shops, Training And Resultsis a nationwide mystery shop, training, and consulting company, which is highly specialized in providing customized performance-based mystery shop evaluations, and training programs to the multifamily housing industry that encourage performance results, and align with the client’s specific performance goals, and company values

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