Danielle Alcock

Director of CustomerOptix, Business Development

Role & Contributions

As the director of business development for CustomerOptix, Danielle is responsible for identifying, prospecting and securing small business opportunities. Danielle has built and maintained long-lasting relationships with CustomerOptix clients, aiding in the success of this division. With a strong background in marketing, operations and customer service, Danielle has successfully developed and executed programs for over one hundred clients.

Experience & Background

Since a little girl, Danielle knew she wanted a career that fulfilled her soul and allowed her to help others. Her strong attention to detail, keen eye for design and love for consumer behavior landed her a position at IntelliShop early in her professional career. Danielle enjoys crafting blogs and marketing campaigns to advance her sales growth in the CustomerOptix division of IntelliShop.

What I Love

I love interior design and re-decorating my house, including DYI projects with my husband. Being the food critic and avid wine lover that I am, I enjoy going out to eat with my family and friends. The real way to my heart is a good steak paired with a dry red!

Favorite Music

From alternative to classic rock to country, my taste of music depends on the day.

Personal Mantra

“Eventually all pieces fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason.”

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