Brian Caldwell

Client Services Manager

Role & Contributions

Brian guides our clients through the design and launch of market research studies and data collection projects. After carefully learning each client’s unique goals, Brian can deliver results with an emphasis on identifying key insights that help our clients provide exceptional customer experiences, that lead to improved operations, and show a return on Investment. With the support of his team, Brian works to serve our clients, and develop lasting partnerships.

Experience & Background

With a degree from the University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation, and background in developing great client relationships in financial services, Brian joined the IntelliShop Team in 2002. Working closely with our founder, Ron Welty, in Sales and Client Services, Brian has been fortunate to play a role in evolution of a small mystery shopping company to the customer experience research firm that we are today. He understands what it takes to lead some of IntelliShop’s largest partnerships, and during his tenure with the company, he has had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s great brands.

What I Love

You’ll often find me with my amazing wife on the sidelines cheering for our girls on the soccer field and volleyball court or maybe coaching a basketball game. I also love a round of golf, a long run, and a challenging ski slope!

Favorite Music

Van Halen, Zac Brown Band, MercyMe and an IntelliShop favorite…Winger

Personal Mantra


The Mighty Oak Pathway

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