Beware Of Excellent Reviews

About a year ago, I went through the process of purchasing a new car. My salesman was personable, and overall the experience was pleasant. When we finished, he handed me a customer survey to fill out. The salesman explained it would be sent on to the manufacturer to monitor the dealership’s overall performance and my experience. Incredibly, I was then told by the salesman that should I mark all areas ‘excellent,’ I would get my first oil change free. I’m thinking that the manufacturer is getting a lot of ‘excellent’ surveys from this particular dealership! Honest feedback, it would seem, is a premium for corporations.

According to Chris Casey, a contributor on, “Getting meaningful, honest feedback from customers can be an amazing tool for managing your business.” He added that the process needs to be independent of the provider or department getting surveyed.

Not news to us of course, but Chris goes on to explain some specific benefits on why having an independent process in place can provide huge leverage for a company, including:

Immediate feedback to fix a problem – allows you to respond in a way that can salvage a customer that would otherwise be lost. The statistics are overwhelming that customers will be MORE loyal after having a bad experience that the company fixes.

Feedback to recognize great performance – one of the most important reasons that people work is to be recognized. Comments and scores become the basis for significant and meaningful recognition for associates. Letters, plaques or dinner for two will go a long way to motivate and increase their commitment to your company.

Great, independent feedback brings a great opportunity for improvement. With improvement comes more loyal customers and happier employees.

So is the moral of the story “beware of constant excellent reviews?” Actually, yes it is. From the consumer side; however, I can say, I did enjoy my free oil change.


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