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Physical Exams

Physical exams are an essential part of your general preventive care visit. You might also need a physical exam to evaluate specific medical concerns or symptoms.

Physical exams are focused on evaluating and enhancing your overall health and wellness. Annual physical exams are recommended for everyone.

Why would I need a physical exam?

You might need a physical exam to:

Make sure you’re living a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and balanced nutrition Identify concerns that could lead to medical complications Look for possible diseases Update any necessary vaccinations You might need a physical before a medical treatment or upcoming surgery or as part of a requirement for your work or school. For instance, you may need one to join a sports team or start a new job. Many schools require physicals for enrollment or before participation in sports and other activities. Agape Family Healthcare offers many types of comprehensive physical examinations. The team is available to address your concerns and answer your questions.

Agape Family Healthcare can also provide various in-office testing and screenings.

What’s involved with a physical exam?

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and avoid excess makeup or jewelry for your physical. A physical exam involves a review of your medical and family history, an in-depth consultation about your health, a physical assessment, and plenty of valuable time to discuss your concerns and ask questions.

Depending on your age and current health, Dr. Beverly might suggest additional testing, such as blood work, to check your cholesterol or inflammatory markers. Dr. Beverly might also recommend an X-ray to assess a certain symptom or body part further. In some cases, you might have a pulse oximetry test to monitor oxygen saturation or a visual and temperature acuity test.

Using a stethoscope, Dr. Beverly will listen to the rhythm of your heart and evaluate its functioning. She will also listen to specific organs like your intestines or lungs. Dr. Beverly also checks your weight, height, pulse, blood pressure, and inspects your body for any unusual growths or marks.Dr. Beverly will also examine your abdomen and other parts of your body to evaluate the tenderness, size, consistency, location, and texture of certain organs if needed. If you or your loved one are due for a physical exam, visit Agape Family Healthcare by calling the office today.

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