A large grocery and convenience store, operating 400+ locations approached IntelliShop to identify how to improve the customer experience within their stores.


A custom, comprehensive evaluation covering all of the client’s stores, developed by IntelliShop, was used to gather information to identify truly outstanding individuals and processes, not just poor performers, Mystery shopping data was gathered year-over-year during weekly onsite visits to each location. Evaluators made observations about their customer experience, paying specific attention to each department within the store. Evaluators made a product purchase to complete a register transaction and interacted with associates at the registers, as well as within each department.


The client sought to:

  • Identify ways to improve customer experience across all store locations
  • Evaluate and optimize cross department interactions and improve speed of service


IntelliShop recommended:

  • Customer Experience Evaluations – Measure the customer experience with mystery shopping in all grocery and converience stores chainwide evaluating customer experience, cross department interactions and speed of service to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue.


The client was provided a clear understanding of specific actions that must be taken to improve performance. As information was received, improvements were made to the customer experience, such as product knowledge training within departments, cross department communication and engagement with customers at the register.

Within the first few months, locations saw across the board improvements in employees rated as “truly exceptional” versus “average” or “needs improvement” as a result of IntelliShop’s recommendations.

As a result of the indepth CX insights,10% of stores improved in overall scores year-over-year since 2017, 20% of shoppers reported their experience being “better than usual”, and there was a 10% improvement in the lowest performing district within the first year.

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